Västra Hamnen 2011 / The western harbour in Malmö, Sweden E-Book

Västra Hamnen 2011 / The western harbour in Malmö, Sweden - Joakim LLoyd Raboff pdf epub



HISTORIA: 2011-04-01
FÖRFATTARE: Joakim LLoyd Raboff
ISBN: 9789163384813


Västra Hamnen representerar en unik del av Malmö.Det här är ett område som utmanar konventionella och förutsägbara lösningar med innovativa, framåttänkande idéer som också tar hänsyn till viktiga miljöaspekter.

...harbour. Malmö. 2008. Hallemar, Dan, I väntans tider (Arkitekten 2003:januari, s ... Västra hamnen - Malmö stad ... . 4-6.)Korkiakoski, Julia, Malmös nya identitetsmarkör. 2011 (pdf) Planer & strategier för Västra hamnen. Plans & strategies for Western Harbour. 2008. På egen hand i Västra hamnen — din ... Malmöfestivalen. Billed as Scandinavia's biggest festival, Malmöfestivalen covers all styles and types of music, cultural events and 'happenings', art and design, kids events, sport & lifestyle, food & drink and much, much more. Join the party in Malmö in the last week of August. Western Harbour Malmö. Wes ... Västra Hamnen, Malmö | Visit Sweden ... . Join the party in Malmö in the last week of August. Western Harbour Malmö. Western Harbour is on the shoreline of the Öresund Sound and sits on what used to ... Västra Hamnen, the Western Harbour Västra Hamnen in Malmö is a new, ultramodern district, formerly used as a port and industrial area. The area is comparable to the London Docklands or similar districts in Helsingborg, Gothenburg (Eriksberg) and Stockholm (Hammarby sjöstad). Western Harbour in Malmoe Sweden and Turning Torso. 2011-05-10 Övrigt admin. Dela: E-post; Skriv ut; Facebook; Twitter; Liknande notiser. World Trade Center om natten (50%) Bilkapare fortfarande på fri fot (50%) ... ← Mindre brand i badvaktstornet Ta en titt i fotoboken Västra Hamnen 2011 ... A short video from the Western Harbour in Malmö/Sweden. Malmö belongs to Skåne (Scania), a region with long history, flourishing culture and acclaimed cuisine. It is often noted that Skåne is both Swedish and a little Danish. Our recommendations for Malmö. Västra Hamnen, the Western Harbour; Malmö Live congress centre and concert hall VESPA Grande, Malmö. 289 likes. G.R.A.N.D.E är en genuin italiensk restaurang belägen i Västra Hamnen med utsikt över Öresund. Benvenuti Bo01 in Malmö, Sweden, ... the site continues to be a catalyst for further development in the Western Harbor area. However, at first the project was not warmly received by residents of Malmö. ... After 10 years of development, the City of Malmö conducted a halfway evaluation of Västra Hamnen in 2011. Västra hamnen is a neighbourhood of Malmö, situated in the Borough of Centrum, Malmö Municipality, Skåne County, Sweden. Västra hamnen was an industrial area until 21st century when also the last factory closed down. In 1998 the University of Malmö was built in the Western Harbor and in 2001, a residential housing project of 350 apartments was built in conjunction with the European Housing Exhibition, Bo01 Expo. This is Västra Hamnen - 'Western Harbour'! This flourishing Malmö area has a heating and cooling system running entirely on renewable energy. The district is often cited as Europe's first carbon-neutral neighbourhood. Scrollable photo: Jann Lipka mixed-use development of the Western Harbor (Vastra Hamnen) in Malmö, Sweden. The project is titled Bo01 to designate its 2001 opening date, while "Bo" is the Swedish verb "to dwell (Guardian, 2005). CONTEXT Malmö, Sweden (population, 300,000) is a former industrial city with a dismantled ship-building economy. Western Harbor (Västra Hamnen) Bo01, Dockan, Turning Torso, Stapelbäddsparken, Flagghusen and Varvsstaden. It's all here. It doesn't matter if you're just having a good time with your friends or would like to grab a cup of coffee with your dearest. To be able to enjoy the charm of Western Harbor requires that the weather will be pretty ... Maid for Västra Hamnen is a local-owned company serving hou...